Toseh Gostar Tirang oil extraction and Refinery

The company's products list includes a wide range of products. The reason for this high diversity of products is due to the large number of companies under the Iranian contract and large and medium-sized international companies. This marks the high potential of the company in various fields, including oil, gas, petrochemicals, agriculture and ... .
Tosee Gostare Tirang is also ready to provide raw materials, production and processing in one-piece or long-term contracts for providing high-standard or supplying goods with the required analyzes.
TGK is an active force to supply the products of industry sector contributes to the growth and development of the economy and the increase of job opportunities in the implementation of this logic through direct connection with production and processing units associated with the public and private sectors of the industries of these countries.
Our trading section divided in 3 major:


Animal Corn

Soybean Seeds


Livestock feeds

Soybean Meals

Conola Meals

Crude Vegetable Oils

Soybean Oil

Sun Flower Oil

Conola Oil

Tosee Gostar Tirang

Tosee Gostare Tirang Holding Group is an international business development and management company office in Tehran involving in diverse industries from agriculture to grain and poultry production plants.

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